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Explain the humanistic Approach to Counselling

This type of therapy usually lasts for a few years.

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It draws attention to the unconscious and seeks to advance the clients conscious power over their lives. The three theories have their differences for instances cognitive-behavioral therapy is a short-term therapy is usually given to clients free on the NHS and is one of the cheapest hence the reason the NHS provide it.

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In this essay, I will attempt in brief to compare the chosen approaches, psychodynamic and the personal centred in terms of the basic concep. This essay will assess the use of cognitive counselling approach to help the client through the process of change and cope with depression.

Person-centered therapy is in the middle it cost a lot more than cognitive-behavioral therapy and the timescale for the therapy is considerably longer. Psychodynamic therapy takes a number of years and is the most expensive of the three.

Understanding Approaches: Psychodynamic Counselling

The backbone of counseling theory is developing a good rapport with your client. Theory gives the counselor the professional framework, guidance and knowledge to be able to enable their clients. This, in turn, gives the client the reassurance and confidence to build an effective therapeutic relationship working alliance with their counselor. It ensures that a professional framework is in place to enable the client the freedom to explore very traumatic and disturbing experiences ethically and safely. When a counselor has a good understanding of the theory they can better provide the therapy their client deserves.

Comparative Models of Counselling

They can understand their clients and their experiences comprehend why a client may behave in a certain way or feel the way they do. Having this knowledge better helps the counselor to know what direction they should take with the material provided by the client. The task of undergoing counseling training teaches a counselor extensive but vital significant skills for instances by using unconditional positive regard U.

R , you are accepting the client for who they are no matter what they may have done or said in their lives. Accepting the client as they are good and bad traits.

Theories of Counselling Essay Example

An alternative to a singular model is eclecticism??? Addiction Counselling Assignment Two 1. Currently at my stage of training I am focussing on person centred theories, but was interested to read that Henry wrote that he found therapists who adhered to a manualised model adversely affected the therapeutic relationship. Accessed October 18, Similar Essays Three Main Approaches To Public Administration words - 4 pages The three approaches to public administration are political, managerial, and legal. An integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy involves drawing upon more than one modality.

This is exercised by the counselor to enable the client to establish self-regard, self-worth. The supervisor will enable the counselor to gain a better understanding and knowledge of their sessions and also work through any transference the counselor may be experiencing. Also, the supervisor ensures the counselor is able to counsel as of course, the counselor is human and maybe experiencing difficulties in their personal lives. The supervisor will ask about the theory used following the questions used at this point the counselor is able to reflect upon their skills and theory.

A counselor will be able to understand what they are doing and able to explain their methods if they have a good concept of theory. In most types of training, this is a major component but, as has been proposed, the well-educated therapist needs to consider the range of approaches.

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In my essay, I have considered three different theories. The main framework of all the theories is to enable people to change so they can understand and appreciate themselves and ultimately have power over their lives, behaviors, feelings, and attitudes in all the therapies it is said that this can be accomplished through talking and self-analyzing. Through writing this essay I have learned that I would like a mix of person-centered and psychodynamic therapy.

All three theories have their worth and value and I found it fascinating learning about them more intensely. While most people would say that the issues such as finance and time would be a factor, I believe one of the main issues would also be the willingness of the client for change and self-growth. Want to know the price of your unique Paper?

Get a Price. A limited time offer! Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. What are the Key Elements of Counselling Theory? Essay Topic: Essay , Theory. What are the Key Elements of Counselling Theory?. The strength gives careful consideration to enthusiastic, social, professional, instructive, well-being related, formative, and hierarchical concerns.

Counselling theory essay | Understanding counselling theory free essay sample.

The routine of Counseling Psychology incorporates an expansive scope of socially delicate practices that individuals enhance their prosperity, mitigate trouble and maladjustment, resolve emergencies, and increment their capacity to capacity better in their lives Strong Essays words 3. And comment on how and why you understand it to be effective.

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How has this approach developed over time. Who were the main practitioners responsible for creating this approach. The essay will explore What does it offer which is different to the other two main approaches the essay will also Consider aspects such as the therapeutic relationship versus the importance of techniques in bringing about positive change in the client Relation ship between Clint the therapist.

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Therapy Sigmund Freud was an Austrian physician In he was both the medical doctor nurologist and philosopher, Fraud who was Strong Essays words 7. Quite often psychological assessment is confused with psychological testing, even though they are different. In keeping with a somewhat linguistically trusted understanding of the very word, according to the Oxford Dictionary, as a noun, counsel refers to advice; and as a verb, counselling refers to the act of giving advice.

Yet, this synonymity between counsel and advice, is far from what people holding the profession of the aforementioned would consider accurate Strong Essays words 5. With this model these helpers are able to structure their work with persons in order to help them to help themselves.

This is built around three questions: What is going on. What do I want instead.

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How can I get to where I want to go. The questions enable the person to begin with making plans for their life and to form priorities with realistic approaches to their problems.

Short Essay on Behavioural Counselling

They are then able to gain a deeper insight into their own situation and problem Description of Counselling Psychology Essay. Description of Counselling Psychology Essay Length: words 3. Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help?